About Trent

Trent Cory’s remarkable journey began in Atlanta, GA, where a five year-old Trent first learned about Christ at his grandfather’s church. From the very start of his spiritual walk, Trent was surrounded by music and received an unofficial education through its most timeless standards, hymns. His first performances were grounded in the rich tradition of quartet-style singing, an experience that both honed his voice and deepened his understanding of the power of worship.

But while classic hymns shaped his early years, Trent began discovering the power of a more modern worship sound: songs that fused spiritual lyrics with a celebratory expression, songs that nurtured both the mind and heart. No longer content to remain confined to one musical style, Trent began to explore a wide range of genres. From Gospel to R&B to modern worship, his universal love for music erased any superficial walls between imposed categories. Music was simply music.

While finding purpose can often seem elusive, sometimes destiny comes looking for us. A teenage Trent discovered his calling at a summer youth camp. “I’ll never forget the moment that I was mesmerized by God’s presence as the camp’s music leader sang, ‘I Stand in Awe of You,’” he recalls. “God spoke to me in an instant. I knew that one day, through worship, I would lead people into that very same encounter I was experiencing. This ignited a fire in me to lead worship.”

Armed with a fresh sense of purpose, Trent pursued both music and religious studies at Lee University. Purpose gave birth to focus, and he discovered another innate gift: writing. “The hunger to write intensified in college,” he says. “I wanted to tell God something from my heart. There is something special that burns in a songwriter, and to me there is no greater honor than using one of my songs as an avenue to God’s presence.”

After serving as a music pastor for almost 9 years in the local church in Daytona Beach, FL.(Calvary Christian Center), God began opening doors of favor that could not be contained within the church. Trent began traveling across the nation delivering the sound contained within his soul.

Having been a guest artist on TBN’s Praise the Lord program, CTN, Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Orlando, and many other great places, Trent has also performed with the likes of Donnie McClurkin, Judy Jacobs, Martha Munizzi, Lee University Campus Choir, Alvin Slaughter, Gary Oliver, and many others. He is also an accomplished songwriter with music recorded by artists such as Alvin Slaughter, Judy Jacobs, Straight Gate Mass Choir, University of Toronto Gospel Choir, Lee University Campus Choir, and many others.

Even in the midst of such tremendous opportunity, Trent continues to dream of the limitless potential found in God’s infinite provision. His future plans include consulting and leading worship at churches that desire a fresh anointing in music ministry, creating resources for growing churches, developing worship conferences, producing, and writing a worship devotional with his wife, Keisha, who is also a gifted and anointed worship leader in her own right. Trent is also writing and preparing for a follow up album to the fiery album “Freedom IS”.

Trent, through it all, continues to trust the very same Christ that he encountered at his grandfather’s church. He passionately stated, “Worship is the reason we were created, and we intend to impact as many people as possible with that life changing truth.” Trent and Keisha live in Atlanta, GA with their three beautiful kids Madison, Landon, and Jaydon.